My name is BreAna and I love to bake! I enjoy the smell of fresh bread baking and warm cookies right out of the oven. I recently discovered the art of sugar cookies. I can now say that I am obsessed with rolling, cutting, piping, filling, and eating cookies! I also love to bake all other kinds of desserts and I am slowly learning the art of cake decorating.

I have to confess that I am not a writer (English was never my favorite subject), but I am a math person (I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Math Education…I even taught high school for a while)…..so blogging and writing are completely out of my comfort zone. However, I am thoroughly enjoying this new creative outlet.

I am a full time Mom. I have two lovely girls born in 2008 and 2010. They are my little “helpers” in the kitchen. The oldest likes to sneak cookies and icing when I am not paying attention. Luckily, the youngest is too little to reach the counter yet (but big sister is getting good at sharing). However, I do most of my baking during naptime and bedtime.

My husband is my taste-testing, web designing, html writing, proof-reading, photo taking (just sometimes…most of the pictures I take myself) partner on my blog. My blog definitely wouldn’t look this good without him!! By day he is an Engineer and in the evenings we have an online business that we started 4 years ago and it is still growing, you can check it out at www.WireHomeDecor.com and www.WireCardHolders.com.

We currently live in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Disclaimers: I am not an expert at anything food related and I have had little formal training (one Wilton cake decorating class). I’m just a mom who enjoys playing in the kitchen and eating yummy food! I am far from a professional and I don’t have a bakery or sell my goodies (although maybe someday). I also have no photography training and I am still learning all the cool features on my Canon Rebel T1i.

When I first launched my blog in Spring 2011 it was under the name Eye Candy Bakeshop. Some of the pictures still reflect my previous blog name.

You can contact me at BreAna@sugarspiceiced.com.

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  1. you and your family are beautiful and so is your blog.

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