Elephants and Onesie Sugar Cookies

I made these fun elephant and onesie cookies for my lovely sister who recently had her first baby. They were a huge hit at the baby shower! I have some other fun treats and pictures to share with you of the shower in a few days.

I used the sugar cookie recipe from Our Best Bites. I love it! I added a little almond bakery emulsion along with vanilla extract….yum! The royal icing recipe is from The Decorated Cookie. While I absolutely love the taste and texture of the icing for eating, I just can’t get it to decorate the same as the more traditional royal icing recipes.

For the super white cookies, I added a little Bright White AmeriColor Soft Gel Paste to the original icing (see Bake at 350 for an explanation). The black cookies were actually more of a gray color. I didn’t want to add a ton of black coloring to the icing, so I just planned on having gray cookies.

And until I get around to doing a real sugar cookie decorating tutorial, check out The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle and Bake at 350 for some wonderful step-by-step tutorials.

These cookies were a lot of fun to make! You should give some a try!

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9 Responses to Elephants and Onesie Sugar Cookies

  1. Love it, your onesies are just perfect!

  2. Adorable. I’ve never tried decorating with royal icing. I think that is a huge talent. Not sure I have the patience for it, but I should give it a try just to see. Yours look absolutely perfect!

  3. adorable – the onesies are my favorites!

  4. Eeek!! I am soooo impressed! Your cookies are just amazing! Your icing looks so nice and shiny. No matter what I do, my royal icing always comes out looking really dull. I usually use Bake at 350′s recipe for royal icing, or Our Best Bites glace icing. I haven’t tried the recipe from The Decorated Cookie–do you find that to have a little more sheen?

  5. Those are absolutely adorable!! You are so talented!!

  6. I love sugar cookies and yours are gorgeous! I wish I had enough patience (and artistic ability) to pull this off!

  7. Those onesies are so adorable! Great job!

  8. Wow! They look so adorable and perfect! Excellent job!

  9. Love, Love, Love this post. Thanks for sharing. I’m new here and wonder if you used a template for the little elephant on the onsie or do you use a kopy-kake machine? Not sure I can draw it freehand. Thanks. Is it possible for you to email me the answer?

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