Leaf Sugar Cookies with Colored Dough

Looking for a sweet way to dress up your Thanksgiving table? These colorful sugar cookie leaves are easy and sure to impress your friends and family! I originally saw similar cookies posted on Pinterest and I knew I had to give them a try.

All you need is your favorite sugar cookies dough and some food coloring (I used AmeriColor and Wilton gels). Country Living has a great tutorial with pictures.

1. Make your cookie dough (I used the recipe from Our Best Bites).

2. Divide your dough for each separate color. Knead in the food coloring.

3. Divide each ball of colored dough into multiple sections and scatter the colors on wax paper. Gently press the dough together (do not over mix the colors). Then roll the dough out to your desired thickness. Chill the dough until firm.

4. Cut leave shapes, draw vein impressions using a knife or toothpick, and bake according to your recipe’s directions.

5. Carefully combine the scrapes  and roll again.

These cookies are fun to make with kids! My daughter loved playing with the colored dough! You could also make some pumpkins or apples to go along with the leaves.

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3 Responses to Leaf Sugar Cookies with Colored Dough

  1. very pretty + what a nice bonus that they’re entertaining for kiddos to help with, as well. they’d definitely make a lovely addition to the thanksgiving dessert table. hope you + your family have a wonderful thanksgiving!

  2. I’ve been wanting to try these for some time, but I fear mine wouldn’t turn out nearly as lovely as yours. You do such a great job on all of your cookies! I can definitely see how these would be a great project for kids–my little guy loves playing with dough, so we’ll have to try this out! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. I made your iced fall cookies last night for my kids to give to their teachers today. I was dreading making more for family and friends tonight, but I’m glad you posted this, looks so much easier to make. We’ll make these instead!

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