Halloween Cookies 2011

I keep thinking that one of these holidays I will get everything posted before the holiday is over. Maybe next time. So, even though you are probably sick of Halloween and ready for the next holiday, here are the cookies I made the last couple of days. This time around I used the sugar cookie recipe from The Decorated Cookie and the royal icing recipe from Sweetopia. They turned out great!

It’s a little hard to tell, but after the six legs on the spider dried, I piped two more on the top edge of the cookies.

I also made the googly eyes ahead of time using the idea from HowDoesShe. Seriously, I wonder why I don’t think of these things on my own?!

The names for the gravestones and coffins came from here, here and here. There were so many fun choices.

What is your favorite Halloween candy? And what do you do with all of the leftover candy and your kid’s candy? I need some suggestions!! My kids are young enough that they didn’t notice that it was all missing this morning, but now I have a lot of candy in the cupboard that I need to avoid!

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8 Responses to Halloween Cookies 2011

  1. You did such a great job on these! I am so impressed! My son would especially love those spiders–soooo cute! I’ve also hidden our candy in the pantry, which is bad, bad news, because I’m the one who’ll end up eating it! I think I’m going to make a “leftover Halloween candy candy-bark” and take it to work, or send it with my husband (after I eat some, of course!).

    • Thank you!! I think the spiders turned out to be my favorite too. I love the idea of making candy bark out of the leftover candy. :)

  2. Those tombstone cookies are a riot. My sons would really think they were funny. I really need to learn to decorate with royal icing.

  3. these turned out fantastic – loooove the bats! i love ashley’s idea of making a halloween candy bark. i always send our extra candy into the office with my husband – i want that stuff out of the house ASAP so i don’t eat it all!

  4. Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and commenting on the Tator Tot Casserole. I hope you give it a try! It is one of our favorites. Love the cookies!!

  5. Ok, seriously, I need to know. Do you never get sick of rolling out the cookies, cutting, gathering… re-rolling, cutting… I tried sugar cookies/royal icing for Valentines last year and seriously they took me like 5 million hours. (And they looked like half as good as any of yours). I have no patience for them. I absolutely LOVE them, but I am just stunned by people who seem to make these every week. How do you do it!?
    PS- these are freakin cute.

    • Thanks for your comment!! I have to admit that the prep work and cleanup are my least favorite part of cookie decorating. I would decorate cookies every day if I didn’t have to worry about all the other stuff. I don’t make sugar cookies as often as it might seem. I usually do a few different styles at a time and then spread out the posts. :) I don’t know how people decorate cookies all the time either. I keep hoping that once my little ones are more independent I’ll have more time to play with icing. :)

  6. These are exquisite! Absolutely beautiful! I would love to try it out.

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