Gourmet Caramel Apple Sugar Cookies

Who can resist gourmet caramel apples? I have been thinking about caramel apples for the last couple of months and I couldn’t help creating them in cookie form.

I iced these cookies using the glacé icing recipe found on Our Best Bites. While I prefer royal icing for decorating, glacé is easy to make and is great if you are just getting started.

I outlined and flooded the red apple section and let it dry. Then I used a little thicker icing (between a piping and flooding consistency) for the caramel section because I wanted it to look like it was covering the apple. After the cookies were dry, I added all the extra little details.

If you want to add sticks to the cookies (which would be awesome!), you can do it before you bake them using this tutorial by Our Best Bites, or you could add them after baking with Sugarbelle’s tutorial (you will probably want to use royal icing in this case).

Let’s pretend that I didn’t use orange and black for the details. Or imagine that I posted these before Halloween. I forgot what colors I used on the cookies until today, now I remember why I was supposed to post them earlier. :)

If you are looking for a great caramel apple flavored cookie, be sure to check out my Caramel Apple Cookie recipe.

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5 Responses to Gourmet Caramel Apple Sugar Cookies

  1. These are just adorable! I think they are just fine as-is post-Halloween. Orange and black totally work for fall! And how cute would these be as a teacher appreciation gift?!? Love them!

  2. Oh how cute are these! Even better (and less messy!) than the real thing!

  3. these turned out just gorgeous!

  4. Oh. my. word. These are SO CUTE!! I have practically NO royal icing skills. You blow my mind!

  5. Every time I see something that you bake, my jaw drops. You are so creative, and your cookies always look amazing!

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