Fall Sugar Cookies

I love Fall!! I think it might be my favorite season. Maybe it is because it sneaks up and then in a blink of an eye it is over. I absolutely love the colors of the leaves changing. We have a gorgeous decorative vine growing next to our house. For about one week the leaves are the most stunning red and orange colors. Then suddenly all the leaves are gone and we are left with bare branches. I really wish the magical colors of the season would last a bit longer. But at least I can capture the colors with icing.

The leaf cookies were quite easy to make. I outlined them, then flooded the cookies. Once the icing was dry, I piped the leaf veins. I really need to do a basic sugar cookie tutorial one of these days. In the meantime you can check out this tutorial from Bake at 350 for some awesome tips and step-by-step photos. I am loving Sugarbelle’s leaf cookies that have been sprayed with color mist…adorable!

I couldn’t resist making some apple cookies for the platter. This Fall I have been trying to squeeze in a little baking between freezing, canning, and dehydrating apples. This has been my first time canning on my own. I think I’ve found a new hobby. I’ll have to share more of it with you in another post. These apple cookies would also be perfect for a teacher gift or school themed party.

More pumpkins?! I know I’ve probably overdone the pumpkin sugar cookies this season. But I had to try them again using royal icing this time. They are so fun and I love the texture. For more details on how I made them see my previous pumpkin post.

I used the sugar cookie recipe from Our Best Bites and the royal icing recipe from Bake at 350.

What are your favorite things about this season?

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5 Responses to Fall Sugar Cookies

  1. Just beautiful! Turkeys and leaves were one of the first shapes I made last year just as I was starting to learn cookie decorating, and they are still one of my favorites. This reminds me that I need to get those cutters out and get some ready for Thanksgiving next week (YIKES!). Yours look soooo professional–awesome job!

  2. These are gorgeous. I always love to look at your creations. Even if I never try them myself ;-) They are feast for the eyes. When I was a child, my mom always made sugar cookies for us to decorate. Of course, they did not look like this by the time we were done with them :-) We just used powdered sugar/milk “frosting” and then sprinkled whatever we wanted on them. I do this with my kids too and it ‘s so much fun. But I would love to do these more grown-up versions and will some day!

  3. Wow what great cookies. I love a pumpkin cookie the most, I love them!

  4. these are just lovely! every time i see royal icing cookies on your blog, i so want to try my hand at them, but i just don’t think i could ever make them look as perfect as you (or some of my other baker friends) do. i finally might give ‘em a try this weekend, though!

  5. Those are beautiful. Such great work. I’m in awe. I’ve never worked with Royal icing before. Lately, I’ve been wanting to try it, but I myself prefer the taste of butter cream. So I try and find ways to decorate that are just as appealing as the royal icing. Really, these are so pretty and festive.

    Happy Holidays !

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