Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies

I LOVE easy recipes that look fancy and taste amazing! These cookies are definitely one of my new favorite treats! Plus how can you go wrong with a nice tasty cookie, chocolate, and toffee bits?! They will brighten up your holiday trays and make excellent gifts!

The idea came from Our Best Bites; I have loved every recipe I have made from their blog. These cookies have been on my “to make” list for a long time! However, I rarely have toffee bits in my pantry (I tend to eat them straight from the bag when I do have them around). Luckily this week I happened to have some leftover sugar cookie dough and I knew it was time to try these cookies. How have lived without these cookies?!?! I’m afraid I might just have to keep the toffee bits around so that I can dip all my leftover sugar cookies in chocolate and toffee!

Sugar Cookies (use your favorite recipe, refrigerated dough, cookies from the grocery store bakery, etc–I won’t judge, this is supposed to be easy)
Chocolate (milk, semi-sweet, dark – I used milk chocolate dipping chocolate, if you use chips you might need to add shortening, check your package for melting instructions)
Toffee bits or sprinkles
White Chocolate (or almond bark)

Bake and cool your cookies. In the microwave, melt the chocolate in a bowl for 30 second increments at a power level of 50%, stirring every 30 seconds (Do not overcook).

Dip half of the cookie in the chocolate. You can fully dip the cookie and coat both sides, or mostly coat the front using a spoon. Immediately, sprinkle with toffee bits or sprinkles. Lay cookies on a wax paper lined baking sheet and allow to dry until chocolate is set.

Then melt the white chocolate in a Ziploc bag in the microwave at a power level of 50%, kneading every 30 seconds (or less), until melted. Cut a small hole in the corner of the bag and carefully drizzle the white chocolate across the cookies. (Be sure you don’t accidentally press too hard and rip the seam). Allow cookies to set and enjoy!!

*Sorry I don’t have any real measurements. It depends on how many cookies you want to dip. I only used about a cup of chocolate and a 1/4 cup white chocolate.

I know that not everyone is ready for Christmas baking just yet, so I had to throw in a few pumpkins. How perfect would these be on Thanksgiving day?!

We are on Week 8 of the 12 Weeks of Christmas Cookies! Can you believe it?! With Thanksgiving next week, the Christmas Season is just around the corner! Be sure to check out all of the fabulous treats linked up this week (and the previous weeks) for some tasty goodies to impress your friends and family!

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9 Responses to Chocolate Dipped Sugar Cookies

  1. These look wonderful! I love my OBB cookbook and have been eyeing these cookies for a long time. I think yours look even better than the ones in the book–love the holiday shapes!

  2. Beautiful! I love the idea of toffee chips. I always eat mine straight from the pantry too. :)

  3. Such a fun way to dress up a sugar cookie. I need to pull out my OBB cookbook more.

  4. I told my dad just the other day that I wanted to make sugar cookies this holiday season. I love that these are dipped in chocolate (everythings better with a little chocolate ;) )

  5. These DO look terrific and I love that they are so easy. I think we have all the ingredients on hand already so should be able to whip some up easily!

  6. A baker after my own heart! I love easy things that look amazing. I will have to steal this from you!

  7. These look beautiful and so tasty! I have a shortbread recipe that I love and it would be perfect to make these with!

  8. Wow! Those are the prettiest sugar cookies I’ve ever seen. They look gourmet.

  9. This is a great way to dress uo a simple cookie, and there are so many different ways to do it! Your cookies look fantastic.

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