Glace Icing Pumpkins

When I first started decorating cookies last year, I used the glacé icing recipe and tutorials from Our Best Bites. After a few months, I was finally ready to try royal icing. From the time I first used royal icing this spring, I haven’t went back to glacé until last week. While I still prefer royal icing for decorating, I have to admit that the glacé icing is pretty tasty!!

I used a couple of methods for decorating these cookies last Saturday. For some of the cookies I outlined the pumpkin and the vertical lines. Then I flooded every other section and allowed the icing to dry (although I should have let it dry a bit longer) before flooding the other sections. Here is a great tutorial with some amazing cookies by Sugarbelle.

The other method I used was to use thicker icing and without prior outlining, I piped and filled in the sections of the pumpkin similarly to the way I made these carrots using this tutorial also by Sugarbelle.

After the pumpkins dried, I piped the brown stems and the green vines. The icing wasn’t as thick as I would have liked to do the details. I also was hurrying to do the cookies and I didn’t let them dry as much as I should have between steps. And some of the icing ran off of the cookies, and I should have been better at cleaning them up, but since we were just going to eat them I didn’t bother.

If you have never tried cookie decorating, I strongly recommend trying glacé icing. It is easy to make and only uses ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry. However, I have to admit that I definitely prefer the way royal icing handles. So, you will also have to try royal icing sometime!!

The cookie and icing recipes I used are both found on Our Best Bites.

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8 Responses to Glace Icing Pumpkins

  1. Mmmm… those look amazing!

  2. These are great! I started on OBB glace icing, and it is still my favorite. You did a wonderful job on these!

  3. they look really nice! the decoration is just perfect, every little detail is in there

  4. These are perfect! Decorating cakes and cookies is such an art and they look brilliant… I tried making icing roses for my goddaughter’s first birthday cake and would love to do more of it – don’t think I could match these though :-)

  5. They’re so cute! I bet they’re pretty tasty too!

  6. These are absolutely gorgeous (like everything else you do!) Thanks for the how-tos!

  7. These are so cute and they look delicious!!

  8. Your cookies are fabulous!

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