Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

When I first saw the Land of Lakes candy corn cookies onĀ Pinterest, I knew I had to try making some myself. I didn’t look very close at them until I saw this post by Sugarbelle. Like Sugarbelle, it bothered me that using the original directions cause every other cookie to have the colors mixed up (with yellow on the tip instead of white). I immediately thought of this solution and I couldn’t wait to make some myself.

I mixed up a batch of my regular cookie dough, although I wish I would have tried the Land of Lakes recipe. (I was planning on making some cookies to ice, but then I just ended up making a bunch of different unfrosted cookies. I don’t even want to talk about what happened to the cookies I was going to ice–I’ll just say that I always have to set the kitchen timer when I am baking — even if it is just for a couple of minutes.)

I divided my cookie dough into three portions. I dyed some yellow, some orange, and left the rest plain. Then I rolled them all out to equal widths between wax paper and chilled the dough. I have some pieces of wood that I use as guides when rolling out my dough (I really need to do a basic sugar cookie post and share all my tips with you).

I used three circle cutters (feel free to use bowls and cups). I used the largest to cut out a yellow circle and then I cut a medium circle out of the yellow. Then using the medium circle I cut out the orange dough and cut a small circle from the center. Then using the plain dough I cut out a small circle. Then I stacked them all inside each other carefully (It was really similar to how I made the pumpkin cutout cookies). I might have even put the orange circle inside the yellow before cutting out the small inner circle.

After all of the circles are inserted into each other, I cut them like a pie using a knife into eight pieces. As I picked up each candy corn, I gently pressed the dough together and rounded out the corners a bit. Then I arranged them on a parchment lined cookie sheet about an inch or two apart and baked them. I recommend chilling them again before baking them and hopefully they will all bake evenly. The orange section spread a little more than the other two, probably because they were different temperatures. I was afraid they would break easily after baking, but they all stayed together nicely.

I used the extra dough for another project. But you could try making candy corns with the extra dough or cut it out using any of your favorite festive shapes.

Do you like candy corn? I like it occasionally, in very small quantities. But I am in love with all the candy corn inspired treats and decor this time of year. For more fabulous ideas check out my Halloween and Autumn pinboards.

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6 Responses to Candy Corn Sugar Cookies

  1. so charming! these would make a great addition to a halloween party. we have one to attend this year so i might give ‘em a try!

  2. I saw these on Sugarbelle’s site also, and thought they were sooooooo cute. You did a marvelous job! Since my son *loves* candy corn, I’ve been thinking about giving these a try…after seeing your post, I might just take the plunge! :-)

  3. Oh, I also meant to ask you to let us know if you try the Land of Lakes recipe. Like you, the Our Best Bites recipe is my go-to for sugar cookies, but I’d be interested to know how the other turns out!

  4. I’m in love. ADORABLE!!!

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