1st Birthday Monkey Party

My baby turned 1 a couple of weeks ago! This is one of the first themed parties I have attempted. I honestly had the hardest time deciding on a theme and planning. We decided to keep the party really small, but I definitely wanted to make a few treats while I had an excuse! I finally chose a Monkey and Banana theme because she is definitely my little climbing monkey!

The cookies were fun to decorate. I did some monkeys and bananas (my favorite) along with some balloons and 1′s. They weren’t my best decorated cookies, but I did decorate them faster than I usually do. I really like to use Our Best Bites’ Sugar Cookie recipe and The Decorated Cookie’s Royal Icing (sort of) recipe. I love this icing because it stays soft and not too crunchy, but it gets hard enough to safely stack and package the cookies. I’ll have to do a whole post on my favorite decorating recipes and tips soon!

Chocolate covered bananas are so easy to make. Just insert sticks into the bananas and freeze for a while (about an hour). Then dip in chocolate and freeze until ready to serve. I used some Guittard Milk Chocolate A’peels, but you can use your favorite dipping chocolate or magic shell topping (check out this tutorial from HowDoesShe). The chocolate hardened really fast, so I had to put on the sprinkles right away. You could also cover the banana completely with the chocolate.

The smash cake was probably my favorite part of the day. It was a banana cake with cream cheese and buttercream frosting (more details to follow this week). I kept the decorating super simple since I knew that it was going to quickly be destroyed. My little one was quite hesitant about touching it at first, but with a little help from her big sister and a spoon, she started to really enjoy it. In fact, I think she wants to share some with you!!

You are just going to have to wait in suspense for the rest of the treat details. Stay tuned for some yummy recipes this week–Banana Cupcakes/Cake, S’more Ice Cream, and Strawberry Ice Cream!

Did you notice all of the fun wire card holders that we used?! You can find them online at WireCardHolders.com. I happen to know be the owner of the company (along with my husband). I’ll have to tell you more about it later since it is a long story. I especially love these adorable cupcake picks. And just in case you want to have some awesome card holders too and since I love you all, here is a discount code “Sugar&Spice20″ for 20% off valid until August 15, 2011.

I think it all came together quite well considering I only spent about a day on it. YIKES! Nothing like leaving something to the last minute…not that I didn’t spend the last 12 + months thinking about her first birthday party.

With only a couple of months left before big sister turns 3, you better believe that I am already working on her party. Or at least I am going to be soon…I am so not a party person…but I want to be! Does that count for something?

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8 Responses to 1st Birthday Monkey Party

  1. Wow what a lucky little girl you have! Can’t wait to see what you do for your three year old. Your cookies look amazing! Jenny

  2. Looks like fun! AND Yummy!!!

  3. You are very talented. Everything looks great!

  4. adorable! + great job on the cookies – they look fabulous!

  5. BreAna,

    You have a beautiful blog! This monkey party turned out adorable…can’t wait to check out the rest of your blog!

  6. This is so adorable. My nephew turns 1 in October, I’m totally sharing this idea with my sister!

  7. You always do such a great job with decorating! You’re cookies are amazing. I can’t wait until you do the tutorial so I can learn. Everytime I do sugar cookies, it’s a disaster! And… I can’t believe your baby is 1! Crazy!

  8. Whatever. Your cookies are gorgeous! Wish I could make cookies like that. I would spend like 5 days just decorating the cookies, and then I would eat the 80% of them that looked like a five year old made them, and then I would display like 3 cookies and pretend I whipped them up super fast and they were no biggie ;)

    I think the pictures on the wall are such a cute addition to the table and fantastic for a 1st birthday party too.

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