Back-to-School Sugar Cookies

It’s that time of year again. I have to admit that I always liked the first days of school. The new school supplies, new clothes, new classes, new teachers, seeing my friends every day, etc. I actually really liked school in general. That might explain why I chose to be a teacher. While I still eagerly anticipated the new school year, going back-to-school when I was teaching was a lot more stressful than when I was a student. Lots of preparation goes into those first few days of school.

This Fall is a little different for my husband and I. For the first time in 22 years, neither one of us is in school (or teaching). CRAZY!! I think I could get used to this for a little while. Soon enough our little one is going to be starting school, but I’m not going to wish away the next couple of years.

So, here are some cookies for those of you who are going back-to-school this fall, for the parents who are sending their kids off to school in the mornings, and for those of you amazing individuals who are teaching and working in the school system. You are all amazing! May you all have a fabulous year!

Cookie Details:

For the cookies, I used Our Best Bite’s sugar cookie recipe. I almost always use that recipe. Bake at 350, The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle, and The Decorated Cookie also have great sugar cookie recipes.

For the icing, I used The Decorated Cookie’s Royal Icing (sort of) recipe. I love it because it stays pretty soft, but it gets hard enough to pack the cookies. Regular royal icing gets a lot harder and is more crunchy after it hardens.You can find other royal icing recipes from Bake at 350 and The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle.

If you are looking for something quick, that doesn’t use meringue powder, I like this glacé icing recipe and tutorial from Our Best Bites. I used this icing when I first started until I was brave enough to venture into the world of royal icing…it handles a lot differently than royal icing, but you can still make some lovely cookies with it.

These cookies I decided to keep pretty simple. I used Gourmet Writer Food Decorating Pens for some of the details:

For the papers, I outlined and flooded using a plain white frosting. After it dried overnight, I drew the lines on the paper using the pens and a straight edge as a guide (I’m really bad at drawing straight lines).

The pencils I did in a few parts letting the icing dry between (similar to when I did the carrot cookies at Easter). After they dried overnight, I drew the lines and wrote “No. 2″ using the food pens.

The apples, I used wet-on-wet method when adding the white highlight (My icings were probably not the same consistency because there was a little bleeding).

Hopefully that helps a little, I am definitely not an expert at decorating, and I learned almost everything I know from the ladies at the following blogs. If you are interesting in learning more about cookie decorating, be sure to pay them a visit:

The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle
Bake at 350
The Decorated Cookie
The University of Cookie

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23 Responses to Back-to-School Sugar Cookies

  1. Margaret Contor

    These are amazing cookies! Your mom sent me the link to your blog. When do you sleep if you have already posted this on your blog?

    • Thank you!! I used a blogger’s best friend–scheduled posting…I wrote the post last night and scheduled it to appear early this morning. :)

  2. These are lovely–I LOVE making sugar cookies! Can you tell me what colors you used for the lines on the notebook paper–and what technique you used to draw the lines? Love them!

  3. Hi :) I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and this is my first comment :) Just wanted to say that your treats are so beautiful and they seem so yummy too :D I just have a question: do you post recipies? Because my wedding is coming up soon and I would love to bake heart-shaped iced sugar cookies and use them as seating cards :) Could you please help me?? xoxo from Venezuela :-)

  4. these are awesome + so impressive! seriously, you are amazingly talented!

  5. Wow! You really are amazing!

  6. These are so cute and perfect!!! I can spend my whole day here and enjoy it. You have an amazing blog, I must say you are really very talented.

  7. You look like an expert to me. They’re fabulous. You could get paid for baking these.

  8. Thanks for the cookies you delivered to us this morning! I love pleasant surprises! These cookies not only looked great but are they were YUMMY as well! My girls (and I) ate them in an instant. The cupcakes were delicious too. Thanks! You can bring us cookies anytime! ;)

  9. Those are so cute. You never cease to amaze me. You are very creative.

  10. Your cookies always look amazing. You are seriously one talented cookie… hee hee hee…. I love your blog!

  11. These are too cute! Way to cute to eat! You have an awesome blog, love the ideas!

    Brie from Darling Doodles

  12. These cookies are darling. Thanks so much for sharing them as well as the recipes you used. I will be trying some of them soon.

  13. Beautiful cookies!

  14. THESE ARE SO CUTE! Definitly one of my favorite of your sugar cookies!

  15. Hi…!

    Thanks a lot for the recipies, I’ll give them a try :-) Do you have another good royal icing recipie that actually uses egg whites?? Because here in Venezuela we don’t have meringue powder :-(


    • I haven’t tried making royal icing with egg whites before. I would think you could use any royal icing recipe that calls for egg whites and then just thin it out to make it the right consistency for icing the cookies. Unfortunately, I don’t have a specific recipe for you to try.

  16. WOW.. these are so perfect looking! I’ve been looking at your blog for a few months now.. and just recently got pretty serious about wanting to make cookies (that actually look good lol!). I have been watching tutorials online and all that. This icing recipe looks the best to me because I prefer the kind of icing that doesnt get super hard like most royal icings.. and I was wondering with this icing you used on these cookies are you able to use it like Royal icing (can you use it to outline, flood and pipe with)?? Thanks for sharing your talent and all these other great sites for recipes etc.


    • Thank you!! I watched a lot of tutorials and browsed a ton of websites before I was ready to dive in myself too! I really like the taste of this recipe and I can outline, flood, and pipe with it just like royal icing (after thinning it out with water for flooding). It does have a tendency to sink or have little holes (probably from air pockets) when I add details. You might be able to notice what I mean with the pencil tips especially in the second to the last picture. It also happened on a lot of the centers of these daisies and on these carrots. I don’t have this problem when I use a recipe without the shortening, but it might also have something to do with the way I mix it and not the recipe itself. This icing is definitely my family’s favorite for eating.

      If you are just starting, I recommend giving a few recipes a try and see what you like best. Another great way to start is to use this glace recipe from Our Best Bites. It behaves quite different than Royal Icing, but it doesn’t require meringue powder. It also tastes great!

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