They Make a Perfect “Pear” Cookies

I just have to start out this post by telling you how I chose the name “Sugar and Spice and All Things Iced.” I had been secretly working on this website under the name “Eye Candy Bake Shop” for about a month, but I wasn’t completely in love with the Eye Candy name. So, I was trying to think of a new name, but nothing was really coming to mind that I loved. I finally decided to launch the website as Eye Candy Bake Shop and share with all my friends and family my husband and I had been working on (I can’t take all the credit for this site…he is the mastermind behind the website design!!)

A couple of days after I launched my website to the public, one of my friends had a contest on Facebook to find the best name for her cake business. Another one of our friends, gave her the idea “Sugar and Spice and Everything Iced.” I loved it!! I couldn’t stop thinking about the name….I loved the reference to “what little girls are made of” (I have two daughters), I loved the “everything all things iced” (works perfect with my sugar cookie obsession), and I just loved the the way the whole phrase sounds.

While I was happy that she was going to have the coolest name ever, I was secretly jealous that I wouldn’t be able to use that awesome name and I was completely kicking myself for not coming up with the name myself (although, I really am not that creative and probably would have never…ever thought of if on my own).

A few days later she announced what the name of her business was going to be…and it wasn’t the Sugar and Spice name….what?! So, I immediately contacted her and asked her if I could use the name. She suggested changing “Everything” to “All Things” and I liked the change. Within a couple of hours, I changed my website over became Sugar and Spice and All Things Iced.

So, what does that have to do with these cookies? Absolutely everything! Super talented and creative Keala is the one who came up with my fabulous name. You can check out her photography on her website and Facebook page. I volunteered to give her some sugar cookies as a thank you for the awesome name. She chose to have some “perfect pear” cookies for a bridal shower she was throwing. Perfect!!

That is the story behind my name and a little bit of “eye candy” fruit sugar cookies.

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5 Responses to They Make a Perfect “Pear” Cookies

  1. very cool to hear the origin of the name. + those ‘perfect pair/pear’ cookies are so sweet – perfect for a bridal shower!

  2. These pear cookies are super cute! :)

  3. These are PERFECT, as in totally flawless! Ive never tried cookie decorating just because im scared of failure mostly..! but its cookies like yours that make me want to try my hand at it oh so much. Gorgeous :)

  4. You did a great job, they look so realistic. I luv the story behind your website name. BTW it rocks!

  5. These look sooo CUTE…I love the idea fro wedding stuff!

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