Patriotic Ice Pops

Is there a more perfect summer treat than an ice pop? Okay, maybe ice cream….and since July is National Ice Cream Month you will be seeing some ice cream in the very near future. But back to today’s treat…I love homemade ice pops. These were super easy to make (well relatively).

I mixed up a package of clear Kool-Aid (I used Kiwi Watermelon). Then I divided it into three containers and colored some red and some blue using a few drops of liquid food coloring.  Using a tablespoon, I carefully filled each mold with one layer of Kool-Aid and placed them in the freezer for a while. Then I repeated for the remaining layers. After 3-4 of the layers had frozen, I carefully inserted the craft sticks into the partially frozen layers.

You could also make them using three different flavors of Kool-Aid. I’ll definitely try it that way next time, but I really didn’t have room in my fridge for 3 pitchers of Kool-Aid. :) You could make them Bomb Pop style with cherry, lime, and blue raspberry flavors. Mmm Mmm…next time!!

You can also just do three layers….that would definitely speed up the process. Or you could just do them all one color.

After they were all frozen, I packaged them up individually and then put them in a Ziploc freezer bag. This is much less space consuming than the popsicle molds and the Ziploc will keep them from getting lost in the freezer.

Ice pops are a fun treat to make with your kids. My girls absolutely love them! You can also use paper cups if you don’t have any molds. I found these great rocket molds at the grocery store for just over $1. They make a perfect sized treat for toddlers.

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  1. BreAna, your family is so lucky to have you! You make some awesome things!

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