Nutella Cookies

We love Nutella around here. My husband likes Nutella sandwiches and my toddler likes to eat it by the spoonful. I, on the other hand, like it occasionally, but I knew the moment I saw these Nutella Cookies that I had to make them ASAP (for my husband of course)! I am so glad I made them! They areĀ delicious! I almost didn’t get any pictures because by the time I got around to getting out the camera, there were only 6 left! YIKES! That rarely happens around here. And I might have only taken a few pictures because I was dying to eat the cookies on the plate (that’s what happens when I am taking pictures during naptime…anybody else seriously need a sweet fix during the middle of the day?? It’s almost the only time I eat sweets.) Needless to say, they disappeared fast!

If you are interested in making some dangerously delicious cookies, check out this recipe for Nutella Cookies from Fearless Homemaker. I followed the recipe except I used vanilla extract and regular sized chocolate chips (I roughly chopped some of the chocolate chips before adding them). YUM! They will be making another appearance in my home and I might just have to bag them up for my husband to take to work this time around. :)

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8 Responses to Nutella Cookies

  1. yay, i’m so glad you + the family liked them! they’re so simple to whip up + always a huge crowd pleaser. at this point, i find myself having to make them by request at least once every other week. people love ‘em! =)

  2. Yep these look dangerous..dangerously good!

  3. Dangerous I tell you. We love Nutella too. It never lasts long around here. Don’t tell my kids but I’ve been scraping it out of its normal container and into mason jars so I can have some for myself. ;)

  4. These will be a keeper at our house! I’ll be making these very soon!
    I just love your Beautiful Website!

  5. Those look delish!!! Thanks for your comments on my blog. I went to BYU-I too! Well, it was Ricks my first year and changed to BYU-I over summer term. (Gah–I’m probably dating myself!) When were you there? That’s too funny! I am following you on Facebook now and would love if you’d follow me too.

    • Thanks! And thank you for stopping by! I started there in 2002….Lots of fun! :) I am definitely following you on Facebook (with my page and my personal account). :) It is so much fun meeting new blogging friends!! BreAna

  6. I LOVE NUTELLA! Those cookies wouldn’t last long at my house. They look delicious.

  7. Hai Dear

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