Lime Cupcakes with Raspberry and Lime Frosting

These lime and raspberry cupcakes make a perfect summery treat. I had some fresh limes and lemons that needed to be used, so I used a mixture of the two. I am sure that using one or the other would be perfect too!

I doctored up a yellow cake mix using this recipe and a vanilla pudding mix. I substituted part of the water for fresh lime and lemon juice (I have to confess that I am not exactly sure how much citrus juice I used I think around 1/4 cup- I really don’t think you can mess it up…they just might be a little tart if you use too much, but I like tart! :) ). Then I added a couple of drops of green food coloring to the cupcake batter.

For the frosting, I made a batch of my favorite easy vanilla buttercream recipe substituting lemon juice for the milk and I added a little green food coloring. If using just lemon juice, you can add yellow food coloring or leave it plain. I also made a batch of buttercream substituting raspberry juice for the milk. I just used the juice strained from some frozen raspberries. To get the swirled icing effect, I filled one side of my icing bag with the lemon/lime frosting and the other side with the raspberry buttercream.

The cupcakes may need to be refrigerated. Before serving, let them sit at room temperature for about an hour so that the frosting will soften up and the cupcakes won’t be cold.

Raspberry Limeade/Lemonade in cupcake form…delightful!

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3 Responses to Lime Cupcakes with Raspberry and Lime Frosting

  1. Love the swirly buttercream. Sounds like a perfect flavor combination.

  2. uhmmm..YES PLEASE! You may have gathered from my blog, i adore anything citrus so these look right up my alley! :) Although if i attempted that buttercream it wouldnt end up half as pretty as yours but its taste that counts really isnt it as they wont last long enough for people to see them..haha

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