Angry Birds Sugar Cookies

I may be one of the only people out there who has not played Angry Birds (I am adding it to my “to do” list), but I couldn’t resist the opportunity recreate this highly addictive game in cookie form.

Last week my Aunt asked if I could make some cookies for my cousin’s birthday. At first I was thinking birthday cakes and candles, until I asked her for some of my cousin’s interests. She listed off a few things and then said, “She likes Angry Birds. Have you heard of that game?” BINGO!! Angry Birds…I was definitely up to the challenge!

I used The Sweet Adventures of SugarBelle’s Angry Birds tutorial as a guideline and inspiration (she is one of my favorite sugar cookie artists!!). But mostly I just copied some Google images. (I discovered a fantastic use for my anciently old and slow laptop! Once I found the images…which was quite painful – I have very little patience for loading pages…I just set the laptop up on my counter and referred to it as needed.)

How to make these cookies:

Since I didn’t have any Angry Bird cookie cutters to use (I’m sure they probably make them somewhere), I just made a template of the different bird shapes. I drew them out on a piece of paper and cut them out. Then I set the template on top of the rolled and chilled dough. Using a small, sharp knife I just around the template. It was a little time consuming, but perfect for specialty cookies like these. 

Then I outlined the cookies using black piping royal icing. After it dried completely, I outlined and filled the “belly” colors. After they had a chance to dry, I filled the rest of the main colors. After the cookies were completely dry, I added the rest of the details. I also used a black food writer to fill in any little places that needed a touch up. 

Let me know if you have any other questions about these cookies! I would be happy to answer any of your questions!!

Have you played Angry Birds? Which Angry Bird is your favorite character?

Isn’t this box cute! I found it at Standard Restaurant Supply this weekend. This is definitely one of my new favorite stores (just below Orson Gygi, Sur La Table, and Tai Pan Trading). Are any of you like me and get ridiculously excited walking through kitchen or baking stores?!

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34 Responses to Angry Birds Sugar Cookies

  1. BreAna! These are awesome! In response to your question, my favorite angry bird is actually a toss-up between the little blue guy that turns into THREE when you bump him mid-air and the yellow bird that packs some punch at the last minute just when you need it. Keep up the good work…you keep me smiling! Love ya!

  2. Thanks for all your hardwork. Aleesha and Skyler loved them!! and my favorite birds are the same as Shannon.

  3. Like you, I have never played Angry Birds. Though I watched Anessa play on Richard’s phone for a minute or two….I think I could like playing that game. Maybe I should see what phone I need to play Angry Birds. I could use that as my criteria for a new phone. :) Your cookies are so cute! What is your next challenge!?

  4. I’ve never played either! I LOVE the expressions though! Seriously, were you holding out on us on the cookie decorating in college??? ;)

    • Thanks! I wish I would have known about cookie decorating back then. Do you remember the gingerbread people you made (was it you)? We could have made some serious details with the royal icing and food writing markers. :)

  5. BreAna,

    I would like to buy a few dozen of these to take to work. How can I put in an order for them?

    • I’m glad that you like them! Right now I’m not selling my cookies. Feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions. Thanks!

  6. You did amazing on these. Eric and I can’t get over how much they look like the game!

  7. These are so amazing! I’ve looked at this post like 4 times. I think you did such a good job. As usual! PS. Your photos are stunning. Whatever your settings are they’re totally working.

  8. I am really impressed with your cookie decorating prowess. Flood icing & I do not get along, but I hope to tame it eventually. I also get ridiculously excited about kitchen and baking stores. Cute boxes!

  9. BreAna I always act all giddy when I’m roaming around confection stores or any baking/food related.
    Now about those cookies. You did an amazing job, you have so much talent. Angry birds is beyond addicting. My son and I can attest to it. Have FUN playing it.

  10. These angry bird cookies are spectacular!! My little boy & I were browsing the net for cake/cookie ideas for his birthday & I showed him these pictures & he was thrilled! If only you were a little closer to California!
    Do you bake & ship them too?

    • Thank you for the sweet comment! I am glad you like them!! Unfortunately, I’m actually not licensed to sell my baked goods yet.

  11. Just curious, it seems like youve tried everyones sugar cookies, so you would know who has the best… I know you really like sugarbelle, iammommy, cookieandcups, bakeat350… but then you almost always use the recipe from ourbestbites… so is that your favorite sugar cookie recipe? honestly?

    • I actually haven’t tried all of the recipes from those awesome blogs. I have tried Bake at 350′s which seemed really close to the Our Best Bites’ recipe. I also really like the recipe from The Decorated Cookie which looks similar to Sugarbelle’s since they use the confectioner’s sugar. I liked the texture of those cookies, but my husband still preferred the recipe from Our Best Bites.

      However, now that you ask, it really makes me want to try some more recipes. Usually when I am making cookies it is for an event or something special and I don’t want to risk any experiments (Although, I completely trust the recipes from any of these ladies).

      Do you have a favorite sugar cookie recipe?

      • I know i already replied to this almost a year ago, but since then, my response has totally changed because Ive tried a lot more sugar cookie recipes. I tried the one from sprinkles bakes and bakingdom and it tasted good but puffed up too much. i finally tried ourbestbites recipe and I liked the way the sugar cookies turned out even more so than sugarbelles recipe. The shape was more precise and the overall taste was surprisingly just as good as sugarbelles, maybe even slightly better. I then started reading on several blogs that if you want a cookie that holds its shape 100 percent, you need to omit all leavening agents. Cookie craft’s sugar cookie recipe and martha stewarts no.2 recipe are the exact same as our best bites recipe, except they don’t have any leavening agents so I’ve been using that recipe lately. I’ve used it about 5 times so far, and its completely fail proof. the cookies come out perfect every time. so thats my new fav recipe!!

  12. Ive tried a lot of sugar cookies including both Thedecoratedcookie and Sugarbelles. Sugarbelles so far is my all time favorite. i like it more that Decoratedcookie because Sugarbelles uses 1 1/2 cups powdered sugar whereas Decoratedcookie only uses 1 cup powdered sugar and it definitely needs the full 1 1/2 cups. 1 cup just wouldn’t be sweet enough at all. i like Sugarbelles recipe because its super soft and buttery and the shape always comes out really precise . I like what the powdered sugar does for the texture of the cookie, however ive never tried Ourbestbites recipe and I definitely will. It seems like it would produce a more sturdy cookie which would be good if you wanted to give sugar cookies as gifts and not worry about them breaking. Regardless of the sugar cookie recipe I use, I never include the almond extract. I don’t like almond flavoring. Not sure why, just don’t. And I’m still really excited for you chocolate chip cookie recipe, whenever you decide to post it(:

    • I really liked the texture that the powder sugar does to the cookie too. I am definitely going to try Sugarbelle’s recipe next time I make sugar cookies. :) I used to not like the almond flavoring either, but lately I really like it. I don’t always use the almond, it just depends on my mood and what I am making the cookies for. I posted a link to my new favorite Chocolate Chip Cookies yesterday.

  13. How in the world did you get your black outlines so black? When I try to do that, it just seems gray, no matter how much food coloring paste I add.

    • I have a problem with my black icing being gray sometimes too. The black on these cookies turned out a lot better than it sometimes does. I used A LOT of black food coloring. I have heard you can add cocoa powder to your royal icing to make it chocolate and then you won’t need to use as much black. It also may help to color your black a day ahead of time, it will darken over time.

  14. Those are perfect, by they way. I tried Angry Birds on my son’s IPod Touch. I played for 5 minutes and just didn’t get why people like the game so much.

  15. I was trying to find a bakery would make these when I came across your webpage. (live in the suburbs of Chicago) I really think you should sell these! They look wonderful & I would totally buy them 4 my son’s goodie bags! You really have a talent! Amazing! :)

  16. OMG! The Angry Birds cookies look amazing!! My son is having an Angry Birds birthday party in April. I would love to get some of the angry birds cookies for the kids! Are you selling them. Please let me know. Thanks.

  17. How do you get the red so red!? :) I’ve had the hardest time with reds. Black too but I’ve seemed to make it work with cocoa. But I’d love to hear what you do with red.

    • Red is a tricky color. I just used a lot of red food coloring. It’s been a while, and I don’t remember if I used Wilton No-Taste Red or AmeriColor Super Red for these cookies. If I remember right, the cookies were red, but not a really deep red color. Black is difficult too. For these cookies I just used a lot of black. I have since learned the cocoa trick. :) Sugarbelle has a tutorial on red icing you might find useful: Hope this helps! :)

  18. Absolutely LOVE your Angry Bird cookies. They are perfect! My Granddaughter is having an Angry Bird Birthday sleepover. I would love to make these for her. What recipe did you use for “flooding” large areas of cookies? I am sooo impressed with your work. I’m sure mine won’t be as lovely as yours, but I am willing to take a stab at it! Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us.

  19. Precious cookies. You did a magnificent job. What is recipe for icing used to “flood” large areas of cookies? Thanks for sharing your talents.

  20. Please explain how you do cookies such as ANGRY BIRDS when these items hold a copyright. We have been told in the industry that nothing like this can be done without permission(written and in your file) and doing so holds fines and imprisonment.

    • I appreciate your comment, you bring up a very good point. I have only made character cookies twice. I do not work in the baking industry. All of my treats are made for my friends and family for their enjoyment. If I do decide to start using my hobby as a business, I will be certain that I don’t violate copyright laws.

  21. I think you need to start selling your stuff! You are very talented! I was looking to see who is selling these and yours look so good and real! Love them! Love all your post!

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