Chocolate Chocolate Layer Cake

I love to try different flavored cakes. I am particularly drawn to vanilla and fruity flavors (especially lemon). There are not enough occasions to make all the cakes I would love to try. Hubby on the other hand, loves chocolate cake. Just chocolate…preferably rich and fudgy. So, naturally, every year for his birthday he gets chocolate cake.

This year, I used a cake mix and doctored it up using a modified version of this recipe: (If I remember correctly, I added a bit of cocoa powder in place of some of the flour. ) For the frosting, I used three different recipes, because I didn’t make enough of the first or second kind I couldn’t decide on just one.

Frosting Recipes:

Baking Note…make enough frosting to cover and fill your entire cake before you start icing. It is just easier that way! Plus, I don’t know if anybody ever complains about having a little extra frosting left over. Isn’t that what graham crackers are for? :)

As for my fabulous easy decorating method: Keep the outside a little messy then crumble a little extra cake on top. I happened to have an extra thin layer that didn’t come out as nicely as the others. This was a fast way to decorate a cake. I was able to start and finish decorating the cake while my little girls were taking their naps. Sometimes, it is just easier to do this kind of thing without the extra hands. I loved my 2 year old’s reaction when she saw the cake “Pretty Happy Birthday Cake!”


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